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Taskrabbit made a bold call back in 2021; to shutter all of its offices and have everyone work from home full-time.

Prior to this, the high growth technology company had been leasing full-time offices on rigid contracts across the UK and US.

So, like many other companies that have gone remote-first in recent years, Taskrabbit has had to push hard to ensure the team can still benefit from in-person working without the cost and commitment of a permanent office.

Taskrabbit's first move was to keep an office as a space for its employees to use if they needed it.

However, having a single, permanent space wasn't the right fit for Taskrabbit's UK team, as the space often wasn't full capacity, which meant lots of money was being wasted.

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A behind the scenes look at how Taskrabbit has saved money, heightened flexibility and reinvented the concept of ‘the working week’ with Hubble On-Demand.

How Taskrabbit Switched to a Successful Remote-First Strategy with Hubble On-Demand

UK employees using the Hubble to meet, collaborate and work in-person with their team mates

money saved using Hubble On-Demand compared to the cost of having a full-time office for all its team*.

workspaces worked in, within 5 different cities throughout the UK.

*This is based on Hubble data and the average cost of an office per person per month in London, UK.

It all started with a bold decision to ditch the office

Finding a solution to the team workspace options wherever they are

It was clear Taskrabbit needed to unbundle the concept of the office and give employees access to workspaces wherever they needed them.

This meant that it needed a solution that would:

🌟 Empower team leads to get their teams together to work in-person

🌟 Enable employees to meet up and keep culture alive

🌟 Give employees a break from home-working as and when they need one

And that's where Hubble entered the story, with Taskrabbit now giving employees on-demand access to a global network of coworking spaces, meeting rooms, private day offices and event spaces via Hubble On-Demand.

“It’s not a hardship or effort at all. It’s a very smooth process. It’s quick and simple. If we need a last-minute space, it’s really easy to navigate and book.”

Natasha D’Mello — People Operations Manager at 

Hubble On-Demand has ensured the team at Taskrabbit is able to meet up regularly, with all employees equipped to access on-demand workspace in over 1,000 locations across the UK and beyond.

And beyond this, Taskrabbit and Hubble have successfully managed to reinvent the concept of ‘the working week’ by using Hubble On-Demand to book:

🌟 Private day offices so the team can get together and do great work, in person

🌟 Hourly meeting rooms so key discussions can be held in a fit-for-purpose space, whether it’s a performance review or a meeting with a client

🌟 Coworking desks so employees can meet with the team or do solo deep work in a space that works for them, stylistically and geographically

And through careful coordination, the teams in San Francisco and New York get together for 3-4 days stints around once per month, with the more centralised London team doing shorter but more frequent stints one day every two weeks.

Taskrabbit can work from anywhere 
without the cost and commitment of 
permanent office

Hubble On-Demand has proven to be an excellent solution for Taskrabbit, with thousands of locations ready and waiting to suit the needs of every team and every individual within it.

Through careful consideration and expert guidance from our dedicated workspace strategists, Taskrabbit is now easily and cost-effectively creating a happy and productive global workforce without having to sacrifice the key elements that keep company culture and performance alive.

If you’d like to take a leaf out of Taskrabbit’s book and truly start embracing the power of flexibility within your organisation, head to our website or contact for more information.

We are here to help your team thrive.

Taskrabbit has completely removed its need for a permanent office with Hubble On-Demand

Supplementing the need for a permanent office with on-demand access to workspace has saved Taskrabbit money. 

According to our calculations, Taskrabbit is saving 87% by using the Hubble On-Demand, compared to the cost of having a full-time office for all its staff.

Taskrabbit has cut its office spend by an estimated 87% using Hubble On-Demand

The buildings we use are stunning and the locations are accessible for everyone. And you can't beat how Hubble On-Demand allows folks the flexibility to connect with colleagues in person."