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Nurole is a global platform that helps boards make stronger, more diverse appointments by reaching a larger non-executive talent pool.

Like many businesses, Nurole has been experimenting with how to approach its workspace strategy post-lockdown.

But it’s faced a challenge striking the balance between giving its team a space to connect and collaborate in-person, without overpaying for an office that’s never at capacity.

Nurole had explored traditional full-time offices where teams came in on set days, three times a week between Monday and Thursday. But Friday was a flexible day, which most often meant it wasn’t used.

The compromises were evident as Nurole was paying for unused office space, and its cross-team interaction was taking a hit, with different functions coming in on set days.

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A behind the scenes look at how Nurole has moved from a full-time office to a more cost-effective part-time one, which its team can use 3 days per week.

How Nurole More Than Halved Office Costs & Kept Culture Alive with a Part-Time Office

Nurole used Hubble to find a Part-Time Office to use 3 days a week.

Nurole's 60+ employees use the office to collaborate and build culture on a fixed basis.

Nurole has saved 55% having moved from a Full- to Part-Time Office with Hubble (£162k per year!).

*This is based on Hubble data and the average cost of an office per person per month in London, UK.

Nurole needed a space to connect, without breaking the bank

Enter Hubble and the Part-Time Office Solution

It was clear that Nurole needed a new and improved workspace solution. So, Nurole set out to piece together a solution that tackled their primary goals head on:

🏢 Ensuring the time spent in-person was truly beneficial for all
💵 Minimising the amount being spent on under-utilised office space

It wasn’t until they spoke to Hubble that they realised they’d be able to make the part-time solution a reality.

"The only solution was having one workspace big enough for all of us for just the three days a week we wanted to use it. 

"When we explained what we were looking for, Hubble found a suitable office immediately. It could hardly have been easier or had a better outcome."

Lee Bartmanis — Head of Operations at Nurole

When Nurole came to Hubble, they had some non-negotiables.

🏢 They knew what size office they wanted
📍 They knew where they wanted their office to be
🔥 They wanted a high quality office space with top facilities
🛋 They wanted breakout space, meeting rooms and phone booths
🐕 They wanted a DOG FRIENDLY office space

Our team of expert advisors were able to take this on board and present Nurole with some fantastic options that met all their requirements incredibly quickly.

“Every box was ticked for the space Hubble found for us.”

Through careful consideration and expert guidance from our dedicated workspace strategists, Nurole is now easily and cost-effectively creating a happy and productive global workforce without having to sacrifice the key elements that keep company culture and performance alive.

If you’d like to take a leaf out of Nurole's book and truly start embracing the power of flexibility within your organisation, head to our website or contact for more information.

We are here to help your team thrive.

Finding the Perfect Part-Time Office with Hubble

"Having meetings where half the group is remote and half are in person just didn’t work — we’d have to have people in the office dial in separately. Alongside this, we were using about 60% of the workspace we were paying for."


Save up to

*compared to the cost of a full-time office

Nurole is now happily using its very own Part-Time Office three days a week:

🤝 To enable employees to build better relationships with colleagues
👋 To make it easier to onboard and welcome new hires into the team
✍️ To work on tasks that are better done in-person
🫴 To encourage and facilitate co-learning

And the best bit, Nurole’s Part-Time Office is 
55% cheaper than what it was paying before for its under-utilised full-time solution — £24k per month, so a £13.5k saving per month, or £162k per year!

Find out how much you could save by taking a Part-Time Office with Hubble.