What does a HubbleHQ Home Working DSE Assessment involve?

Each assessment takes approximately 20 minutes, and your team will need to answer questions about their home working environment.

The reports will be then be checked over by our trained DSE assessors before being shared with you. 

Major risks will be highlighted, and advice will be given on how to improve the set-up of each person's equipment and their daily routine. 

You can then decide the best course of action for your team based on the results and recommendations.

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Home Working DSE Assessments 
by HubbleHQ

UK Health and safety law now requires you to conduct a DSE assessment for all home working employees
(A DSE assessment is basically a risk assessment for people who use computers for work)

Our simple online tool assesses your home working team members, and builds DSE reports compliant with all UK health and safety legislation

+ 1,000s of office and desk spaces across London and Manchester.

+ Lowest price guaranteed.

+ FREE expert advice.

UK Health and safety law now requires you to conduct a DSE risk assessment for all workers, especially when working from home

HubbleHQ Home Working DSE Assessment reports are compliant with all UK Health and Safety legislation 

Traditional suppliers usually charge hundreds of pounds per employee assessment

Our assessment is free.

It's the law.

Over 60% of the UK workforce are reporting new aches and pains as a result of working from home

Diagnose these issues and take the first step
 to a healthier team 💪

Keep your team healthy.

Why should I do a Home Working DSE Assessment?

Get equipped.

Understand each of your employee's home office setup and environment

Use this info to decide if you need to send equipment to the team 📦