The HubbleHQ Office of the Future Awards (HOFFAs) are the only awards that recognise the most innovative and dynamic flexible office spaces in London.


Tushar Agarwal

Co-Founder and CEO - Hubble

Rajdeep Gahir

Co-founder & CEO of Vivahouse

Dara Huang

Founder of Design Haus Liberty

Vanessa Butz

CEO & Founder of District Technologies

Juliette Morgan

Head of Campus at British Land

Rebekah Tobias

Head of Investor Relations at Tunstall / M7 Real Estate


Celebrating the very best workspaces in London.

Do you have a ground-breaking workspace?

Ten years ago, the world was predicting the death of the office. Why do we even need offices with the technology we have now?

Since then, the entire sector has been turned upside down, and London has been the driving force in completely reimagining what an office looks like and how people use it. Now our workspaces are more important than ever. 

We believe the innovators in this sector do not get the recognition they deserve. That’s why we want to shine a light on those who are transforming the industry and helping people love where they work.



Does the design of your space enhance productivity and foster collaboration in a unique way (...whilst looking pretty damn awesome)?  For this award, please enter a specific building/workspace in your application.

Does your community truly value your space? Do you go above and beyond to provide a helping hand to your members? Perhaps you host events, provide networking opportunities or support services.

Do people look shocked (and in a good way) when you tell them the price of your workspace? Which services, facilities and benefits are included in the price tag? Do members of your workspace receive free perks and benefits that they can’t find elsewhere?

Is your office space energy efficient? Do you go the extra mile to recycle, reduce waste, and promote energy saving initiatives to minimise the negative impact of the building on the environment? For this award, please enter a specific workspace in your application.

Do you make a concerted effort to improve the health and wellbeing of members? Perhaps you offer yoga classes, meditation workshops or puppy therapy… or maybe you promote work-life balance by providing childcare facilities to support parents.

Does your workspace feel like a 5* hotel? Do you go above and beyond to provide the very best service for your tenants? Tell us all about your premium facilities, staff, on-site cafes, restaurants and more.  

Do you have the best sales team? Do you charm, impress and dazzle your clients in a way that others don’t? This one will be decided by the public, so start shmoozing your clients and get them to vote!

Are you one of the pioneering providers enabling businesses to customise their office to their exact specification and truly make it their own, without the hassle and up-front costs?

The most impressive and visionary workspace of the year. A clear leader in promoting community, wellbeing and sustainability, whilst also being a place where people truly love to work. The winner will be voted by our esteemed panel of judges. 

How popular is your workspace? We are on the hunt for the office that has won over the people’s hearts. The people will decide, so it’s up to you to get them voting for you!


Lucy O'Connor
Event Coordinator

[ More judges to be announced ]

At HubbleHQ, we believe every business deserves their perfect workspace—one that will help them grow, win work, attract amazing people and build a brilliant reputation.

To make this vision a reality, we’ve built the UK’s number 1 website for office search, simplifying and supercharging office moves for businesses of all sizes. HubbleHQ is the only place you’ll find all of your office options, from serviced to leased, in one place. Over 5,000 of them. It’s so effective in fact, that we place a company in a new office every 3 hours. 

We make office search automagical.

Why HubbleHQ?


As your team gets larger, we know that what you need from your office starts to change. Whether it's cost efficiency, branding opportunities, 
or flexibility you're looking for, 
HubbleHQ is here to help.

Some companies we’ve helped make big moves:

As your team gets larger, we know that what you need from your office starts to change. 

Whether it's cost efficiency, branding opportunities, or flexibility you're looking for, HubbleHQ is here to help.

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There are 8 categories you can enter. Nominations close on 17th January 2020 and finalists will be announced at the end of January. 

Everyone who enters any category in the HOFFAs will also be in with a chance of winning the following two awards:



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