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As a 100% remote business, community sharing app Olio values flexibility  — and it always has done.

Since its beginnings, Olio has recognised the importance of accommodating its team's life commitments and personal priorities, and it has pushed hard to ensure that every team member can do their best work, wherever they are.

A remote-first workspace strategy isn’t without its challenges – particularly when it comes to culture, collaboration and giving employees options to work from spaces that aren’t their homes.

So, Olio set out to find a solution that would complement their remote-first ethos, giving their team a chance to get all-important face time, and the ability to work from anywhere. 

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A behind-the-scenes look at how Olio has boosted culture and given its team over 1,000 spaces to connect via Hubble On-Demand.

Olio’s Journey to Remote-First Success with Hubble On-Demand

Keeping culture & collaboration alive in a remote-first setting

With Hubble On-Demand, Olio is saving an estimated 95% that it'd otherwise be spending if it had a full-time office for all of its staff, all whilst keeping its team happy and productive by giving them access to great spaces to work.

Not only this, but Olio is able to stay agile as well, scaling its Hubble On-Demand usage and spend up and down however and whenever it pleases, only paying for what it uses.

Hubble On-Demand has proven to be an excellent solution for Olio, with thousands of locations ready and waiting to suit the needs of every team and every individual within it.

Through careful consideration and expert guidance from our dedicated workspace strategists, Olio is easily and cost-effectively creating a happy and productive global workforce without having to sacrifice the key elements that keep company culture and performance alive.  

If you’d like to take a leaf out of Olio's book and truly start embracing the power of flexibility within your organisation, head to our website or contact for more information.

We are here to help your team thrive.

Olio is saving an estimated 95% on workspace with Hubble On-Demand

"Our founder didn't want us to be paying 2 to 3 times someone's salary for a London location."

Thaisa Money — Director of People & Culture at Olio 

"Hubble allows us to come together to build our friendships and relationships at work, to brainstorm, and to have that space to connect."

Lily Pearson — Strategic Partnerships Manager at Olio 

Olio can work from anywhere 
without the cost and commitment of 
permanent office

Olio’s journey to remote-first success with Hubble On-Demand

Olio considered taking a full-time office but was reluctant to do so due to the cost implications and the fact that it’s not a global solution — one that removes the barriers around talent attraction and retention.

It wanted something that would enable its team members to work and meet together wherever they pleased. And this is where Hubble On-Demand entered the story — the global solution it had been looking for.

🌟 9,500+ workspaces accessible on-demand around the world
🌟 Coworking desks, meeting rooms, day offices and event space
🌟 Handpicked workspaces for brainstorming or deep-thinking




"Olio loves Hubble because it means our team members can work their best wherever they are around the world."

Thaisa Money — Director of People & Culture at Olio 

Team collaboration days

An alternative to home working







employees using Hubble On-Demand to collaborate and take a break from WFH

saved using Hubble On-Demand compared to the cost of a full-time office for all staff*

workspaces used across 16+ countries using Hubble On-Demand